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Black Mental Health Village  Membership


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Non-Refundable Perks Membership Rate

Reduced price for students, low-income individuals, and the Elderly - $10/ month or $100/year 

Regular Price - $50/ month or $500/year 

 Contributors - $150/ month or $1500/year 

 Sustainers - $250/ month or $2500/year 

Bronze Level Sponsor - $500/ month or $5000/year 

Silver Level Sponsor - $1,000/ month or $10,000/year 


Reach out if you're an organization that would like to partner with us. 

  • Small Businesses

  • Faith Group 

  • Community-Based Organizations (CBO)

  • Nonprofits

  • Healthcare Groups 

Join the Village

BMH Village - Join the Village 


The Village is a harm reduction collaboration between value-aligned Individuals working inside and outside of the harmful systems in our society to co-create solutions with the individuals and communities that are impacted by the structural violence of the systems. We hope to leverage academic and institutional resources with the strength, guidance, and lived experiences of our community members to co-create an ecosystem of healing that is free from criminalization. 


Our Mission, Vision, Values

Our Theory of Change 


We are committed to upholding these Beyond Do No Harm Principles 



Become a blog contributor 

Free CEU for Therapists 

Alliance Core 

  • Board 

  • Staff

  • Advisors 


BMHA  Nashville is working on a lot of initiatives to improve the mental and whole health of Black Nashvillians and Black people in the US. If you're interested in any of the following causes, please sign up to become a volunteer and join our group!

  • Housing and environment

  • Food insecurity 

  • Diet and exercise

  • Education 

  • Work and employment equity 

  • Community crisis response / mental health Response

  • Healthcare (access, affordability, and quality)

  • Black Art community

  • Shaping Legislation and Policy

  • Black Political Mobilization

  • Black Businesses community

  • Centering Black Men 

  • Centering Black Women

  • Centering Black Queers

  • Centering Black Youth

  • Centering Black Disabled people

  • Centering formerly incarcerated Back people

  • Centering Black Immigrants

Black Doulas and Midwives in Nashville 

Community Guidelines & Disclaimers 

It is important to have clear guidelines and disclaimers in place to ensure that all members of our community feel welcome and respected. The guidelines and disclaimers outlined above emphasize the importance of creating an inclusive and supportive environment, particularly for Black individuals and other marginalized groups. It is important to recognize the impact of racism and other forms of oppression on mental and physical health and to work towards creating spaces where individuals can be themselves and have their voices heard.

The mention of certain groups being Black-only spaces indicates that these groups may have specific rules or requirements for membership and participation, and it is important to respect these boundaries and follow any guidelines that may be in place. Overall, these guidelines and disclaimers help to create a safe and supportive online community where individuals can connect and share their experiences.

Be yourself - Be inclusive - Be heard

Check our events section for more details.   

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