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BMHA Nashville Black Artist Spotlight

BMHA Nashville wants to spotlight the work of Black artist in the Nashville community.

A Mental Health Initiative for Black Nashvillians by Black Nashvillians (1).png

It's an artist's duty to reflect the times in which we live. - Nina Simone

Here at BMHA Nashville, we understand that art is a powerful medium for healing and expressing our true innermost selves. This is why we want to highlight the amazing Black artists in our community! We not only want to showcase their talent but we want to use this as an opportunity for collective vulnerability and healing.

Art can be any medium. Examples include but are not limited to:

Drawing/ Painting

Current Requirements: You live in Nashville, TN

What we need from you :
Name and pronoun
Provide pic of yourself
Provide 3-5 pictures of your art or provide other samples (ex. video, mp3 file, etc.) if your art is in comes in a different medium.

Bio: Tell us a little about yourself (limit to 3-4 sentences)
Short prompts (You can either answer the prompts in a video or write your answer out):
What does mental health mean to you?
How do you practice self care?

Tell us about your art making process. Is therapeutic for you?

What is the best advice that you’ve gotten in life?

Where can people find your work? Do you have a website/ social media? How can people support you?

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