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BMHA Nashville Black Doula and Midwife Spotlight

BMHA Nashville wants to highlight the Doulas and Midwives in our community.

A Mental Health Initiative for Black Nashvillians by Black Nashvillians (1).png

The United States is facing a maternal and infant health crisis that disproportionally impacts the birth experience and outcomes of Black and Indigenous people who give birth. Indeed, many studies have shown that racism is a key force in maternal mortality. For Black women, income level, education, and insurance access do not serve as protective factors against maternal mortality as they do for White women. These stark and unacceptable inequities are due to structural and systemic racism as well as implicit and explicit bias.

BMHA Nashville understands just how important Doulas and Midwives are to the health and well-being of Black Mothers. You not only provide support before and during delivery but also during the postpartum period, one of the most vulnerable periods for new mothers. You are critical to reducing maternal and infant mortality & supporting the mental health of Black women, so we would like to show our gratitude by highlighting your role in our community and supporting you!

Please use the link below to fill out a questionnaire. We will ask you a few questions about your services and request a profile picture so that we can put your info on our website for expecting mothers to find your services. Thank you again for everything that you do. We hope to collaborate again in the future!

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