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Beyond Therapy: Embracing Healing Justice Through Collective Action

Updated: May 24

May is Mental Health Awareness Month 

Mental Health Awareness Month

While the launch of our therapy access program is a commendable step towards addressing the pressing mental health needs in our community, it is merely a starting point in our collective journey towards holistic healing and transformation. We must acknowledge that the pervasive trauma and poor mental health outcomes afflicting our communities are deeply rooted in the political and economic violence perpetuated by oppressive systems and policies.

Therapy can provide invaluable support and coping mechanisms for individuals, but it cannot singlehandedly dismantle the oppressive structures and policies that contribute to widespread mental health challenges within marginalized communities. To achieve lasting change, we must complement therapeutic interventions with grassroots activism and a concerted effort to reshape the very policies and systems that perpetuate harm.

Unless we collectively organize and advocate for policy and budget changes that address the systemic issues impacting our community, we will remain trapped in a perpetual cycle of coping with trauma and poor mental health outcomes. While therapy alone cannot solve systemic issues like poverty, discrimination, and lack of resources, it can be a powerful tool in empowering individuals to advocate for themselves and their community – the essence of healing justice. 

2024 Nashville Solidarity Budget

As we grow commitment and capacity for our healing and health justice movement, we invite you to join us as we attend the Solidarity Budget Rally on Tuesday, June 4, at 5:00 p.m. at City Hall, immediately followed by the Public Hearing on the Budget at 6:30 p.m. Together, we can raise our voices, demand accountability, and pave the way for a future where our communities can thrive.

To learn more about Nashville People's Budget Coalition, and their work, visit their website.

Black Mental Health Village is proud to endorse the 2024 Nashville Solidarity Budget.

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