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Education and Membership for Allies and those seeking resources to learn how to provide culturally competent care

Educational Resources On Racism And Inequality

Understanding the context of racism and recent events

  • Video on understanding racism and the reactions to the death of George Floyd and many others

  • Video on understanding the perspectives of your colleagues of color

  • Article on “White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack”

  • List of Anti-Racism resources

Understanding the context of racial inequality that impacts mental health

Understanding and addressing the social determinants of health that impact mental health

  • Article on improving the health of Black Americans and the overdue opportunity for social justice

  • Video on understanding the social determinants of health and toxic stress

  • Video on the social determinants of toxic stress, specifically race and ethnic toxic stress

  • APA Stress & Trauma Toolkit for treating Black Americans in a changing political and social environment

  • The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Page on Achieving Health Equity — Information about why health equity matters and what you can do to help give everyone a fair shot at being as healthy as they can be.

Ways To Take Action As An Ally Or Champion For People Of Color

Books to Read

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