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Black Mental Health Village

Let's Heal Together

Our Mission and Vision

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Our Impact

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Our Services

Coordination of Mental Health

Helping our people navigate the mental health system.

Training & workshops

Get trained to identify and address mental health concerns in your family and community. 

Fiscal Sponsorship

Minimzing adminstrative burdens for the benefit of our community. 

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 Check out our event page for upcoming events!


Community Programming  

Our Focus Area

HBCU / College Mental Health

Current Projects: HBCU / College Ambassador and Mental Health Popups 

Health Justice

Current Projects: Harm Reduction: Kits + Julie TM Distribution and Vaccine Equity Access Program 

Men’s Mental Health 

Current Projects: Men IQ Network and Men’s Trauma Healing Classes  

Past Projects: Men’s Retreat 

Justice Imapcted Mental Health

Current Projects: SPIRE, 

Past Projects: Resource

Elder and Youth Mental Health 

Current Projects: Nana’s Circle, Mindful Youth Programming  

Media & Community Engagement

Current Projects: Community Mental Health DiscussionsBlog

Past Projects: AIART

Healing Justice

Current Service: Healing for Healer and Organizers Meditation, Yoga, Verse Therapy 

Past Projects: Art Therapy 

Our Approach


Our Sponsors

Some of the supporters who make our work possible.

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