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Black Men Initiative Powered by the Men IQ Network 

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We are a coalition dedicated to addressing problems plaguing Melanated Families in America

Member Programs


Twice a year we host a Men's Summit that features
a panel, a career & health fair and a social mixer
that's fun and informative for the whole family.


Twice a year we host a private retreat that is
especially designed to help our members recharge.
These retreats are just one of our many touch
points to help improve the overall Holistic Wellness
of our community.




This is our monthly community hike event. Our
nature hikes help to support the mental, spiritual
and physical wellness of or community members.
It is a public event and a great entry point for men
to tap into our community.

Moving with Mindfulness
Moving with Mindfulness
May 27, 2023, 8:30 AM
Shelby Park
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