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Does this sound like you?

"I feel like I am always working. I have no time for other areas of my life."

"I am constantly using substances to perform or relax."

"I feel lonely. I don't have a work support group to rely on when I am stressed." 

"I  don't know the first thing about starting a business." 

Have you thought about starting a business but didn’t know where to start? Or are you looking to grow your small business?


They say entrepreneurship is a lonely journey but it doesn't have to be! Sign up to join our entrepreneur group today! 

Meeting Frequency 


Next Date

Oct  23, 2022


3126 26 Ave N Nashville, TN 37207


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Economic Opportunity and Mental Health, Occupational Wellness  and Mental Health, Education, Creating New Worlds, Activism Path     

Dream Incubation in a Capitalistic Wasteland

Here at BMHA Nashville, we know that economic opportunity, occupational wellness, and mental health are all interconnected. That's why we are using Business Incubation as a way of building a community of supportive entrepreneurs seeking to improve their financial standings while normalizing discussions about mental health and wellness. 

What is Dream Incubation? 

Dream Incubation is nurturing your imagination, skills, and purpose to create a life that you don’t have to escape on the weekends. It's being able to align the work that you do with your purpose and the needs of your community. Join us for a networking and community education session that teaches us how to secure the bag while maintaining our sanity. Understand the connections between occupational wellness and mental health. Come learn, struggle, and build with a community of like-minded individuals trying to improve the world and their lives through entrepreneurship. 

As we create our own businesses and institutions, we will discuss how to not reproduce the same exploitive business practices that we are trying to escape. 

Bring your notepad, laptop, business cards, and ideas!

This event is open to current or future entrepreneurs 

Come Network and learn how to start / Improve your business 

Resources for Starting or Maintaining  a Business  

Corner to Corner Resource 

Program Sponsor 

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