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Justice Impacted Individuals 

Incarceration and Mental Health

The mental health impact of incarceration is multiple folds. Incarceration impacts the physical and mental health of the individual who is caged and treated like a slave as a result of the exception to the 13th amendment. Black and brown communities are disproportionately impacted by our unjust criminal justice system. This not only ruins the life of these individuals but also harms their family members and their community.

Instead of addressing the already existing mental health concerns resulting from trauma, the trauma of prison often exacerbates mental health illness in the individual and even their impacted family members. Families are left to grieve the absence of a loved one living life behind a cage. It means kids grow up without seeing their parents. They grow up without their financial, physical, and emotional support. Incarceration doesn't solve the existing problem of mental health issues, it just reproduces it in the next generation. Only when we prioritize and address mental health can we improve safety, the rates of incarceration, and the health and wellness of our communities.  

Although each child’s circumstances are unique, every path on the parental incarceration journey leads to forcible loss of a parent, an adverse childhood experience, and shame and stigma. 

Parental Incarceration Impacts 


Local Resource for those Impacted by Incarceration

A Therapeutic community for women struggling with homelessness or addiction recovery.

Supports, empowers, reunites, and organizes families impacted by incarceration in Tennessee.

Building Better Men to Build a Better Nashville

Eliminate the root causes of the prison pipeline, save our children from death and incarceration and guide them on a secure path to success

Youth and young adult crisis intervention

Assist incarcerated Tennesseans to successfully transition back into the civic, economic, and technological community and organize criminal justice reform.

Education and Advocacy Organization Collaborating Toward Abolition and Liberation

Non-Cop Interventions

Together, we are committed to creating, supporting, and sustaining safe ways to respond to mental health emergencies.

Information and referral, peer support, advocacy, skills training, transition services, employment readiness, benefits counseling, ADA consultations, and Braille transcription to people with disabilities.

Building a Bold and Black political agenda and organizing to transform Nashville.

Empowering people to heal through self-discovery by wise counsel.

Fight against systemic racism and inequality, empower and educate disenfranchised people, and provide programs and resources to those underserved communities.

National Resource for those Impacted by Incarceration

A national organization that promotes resilience in the face of childhood adversity related to an incarcerated parent.




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