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Black Mental Health Village Celebrates Support from Saks Fifth Avenue Foundation

[Nashville, October 11, 2023] – Black Mental Health Village is proud to announce its partnership with the Saks Fifth Avenue Foundation. This collaboration will empower our organization to expand its crucial work in improving mental health within Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) in Tennessee.

According to a Saks Fifth Avenue Foundation press release, Black Mental Health Village was one of 10 nonprofit organizations awarded a grant.

"Improving HBCU mental health is a huge priority for our organization. "We are immensely grateful to the Saks Fifth Avenue Foundation for their support in our pursuit of mental health justice," emphasized Benaias Esayeas, Executive Director of Black Mental Health Village.

This vital support will enable Black Mental Health Village to continue its innovative approach in establishing mental health pop-ups, providing essential services and educational programs for students and communities in need.

Black Mental Health Village remains committed to breaking down barriers and promoting mental wellness within underserved communities. The support from the Saks Fifth Avenue Foundation empowers us to create a more inclusive and accessible mental health landscape.

For further information or media inquiries, please contact:

Benaias Esayeas

Executive Director

615) 669-7015


BMH Village is a bold, local nonprofit organization harnessing community, data, and novel technology to facilitate innovative whole-person healing and mental health education. Through community-led healing initiatives, we aim to address mental health disparities and the well-being of Black and minoritized communities impacted by trauma, poverty, or lack of mental health care access. To learn more about Black Mental Health Village, visit


The Saks Fifth Avenue Foundation is the charitable arm of Saks Fifth Avenue. The Foundation is committed to making mental health a priority in every community by increasing understanding, improving access to care, building protective factors and reaching communities that are uniquely affected by mental health issues. For more information about the Foundation, visit


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