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Our Approach

Our Theory of Change


Heal Yourself

We can't pour from an empty cup. We can't operate in a state of surivial our whole lives. We deserve to feel whole. 


Heal Your Family

We can't break free from generational curses unless we can discuss, identify, and address them. 


Heal Your Community

Heal your community by healing in the community. Get active in improving the conditions of your community today! 


Address Public Health and Health Policy

Learn how racist public health policy have produced the violent conditions in our lives and how we can play a role to improve the health & well-being of our communities by addressing those policies.  


Create an Ecosystem of Healing

Work with us to create an ecosystem of healing that doesn't criminalize or dehumanize our people. 

BMH Village’s Current Framework for Improving Mental Health in the Black Community

•Provide mental health education rooted in social justice and increase help-seeking behavior as a form of resistance 

•Identify and address social determinants of health (SODH) disparities and other systems of oppression that create and exacerbate mental illness 

•Provide mental health care and case management services 

•Deliver coordinated crisis management to provide traditional, innovative, and culturally-responsive care

•Promote social connectedness, resilience, and joy 

•Foster empowered individuals, families, and communities 

•Creating a system of harm reduction that reduces funding for the current mental health system by creating alternatives to carceral-based mental health care (an abolitionist system that reduces our dependency on the PIC (Prison/psychiatry - industrial complex ). 

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