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Our Approach

Our work lies at the intersection of health and healing justice. Our commitment lies in guaranteeing that Black individuals have equal access to mental health and healing services, along with the capacity to actively contribute to shaping a liberation-centered ecosystem of care.

Health Justice:

  • Definition: Health justice is a broader concept that encompasses the equitable distribution of resources, opportunities, and healthcare services to ensure that everyone has the chance to achieve and maintain good health.

  • Focus: It primarily focuses on addressing systemic and structural factors that contribute to health disparities, such as poverty, discrimination, unequal access to healthcare, and social determinants of health.

  • Goals: The goal of health justice is to create a society where health outcomes are not determined by one's socioeconomic status, race, gender, or other factors. It seeks to eliminate health inequalities and promote equitable access to healthcare services, education, and social determinants of health.

  • Examples: Advocacy for universal healthcare, policies to reduce income inequality, and initiatives to improve living conditions in marginalized communities are all examples of efforts aimed at achieving health justice.


Healing Justice:

  • Definition: Healing justice is a more specific concept that focuses on addressing trauma, both individual and collective, within marginalized communities. It recognizes that many individuals and communities have experienced historical and ongoing trauma due to systemic oppression and discrimination.

  • Focus: It emphasizes healing as a form of resistance and empowerment. Healing justice centers on creating safe spaces and providing culturally sensitive healing practices that help individuals and communities recover from trauma.

  • Goals: The goal of healing justice is to promote healing as a political and social act. It seeks to empower individuals and communities to heal, transform, and resist systemic injustices.

  • Examples: Healing justice can involve practices like trauma-informed therapy, art therapy, meditation, and community support groups. It often operates within a framework that acknowledges the cultural and historical context of trauma.


Heal Yourself

We can't pour from an empty cup. We can't operate in a state of surivial our whole lives. We deserve to feel whole. 


Heal Your Family

We can't break free from generational curses unless we can discuss, identify, and address them. 


Heal Your Community

Heal your community by healing in the community. Get active in improving the conditions of your community today! 


Address Public Health and Health Policy

Learn how racist public health policy have produced the violent conditions in our lives and how we can play a role to improve the health & well-being of our communities by addressing those policies.  


Create an Ecosystem of Healing

Work with us to create an ecosystem of healing that doesn't criminalize or dehumanize our people. 

Fiscally Sponsored Projects

Nana's Circle

Men IQ NEtwork

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