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Nashville Black Community

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Welcome to the Nashville Black Community group! Feel free to connect with other members of the diaspora, get updates, share your thoughts, and share videos here. Check out the events page for upcoming events. If you know of any events coming up in Nashville, please share them here!

What's the reason for this group/organization?

The media depicts us in such horrible ways. This not only impacts the way white Americans feel and act towards us, it also impacts how we view and evaluate our worth in this country. This is why we will use this platform to highlight just how amazing and talented we are as a group. They flood social media with Black trauma. We will flood your feed with Black joy, excellence, and authenticity. It's time to claim authorship over our experiences and life. We are responsible for ourselves. We are responsible for creating our destiny. We will use this group to unite, share, and address the issues in our community. Together, we will create a Nashville where Black people can live longer, healthier, and happier lives.

We will build and maintain our communities together. We will work together to compile and highlight Black-owned businesses in Nashville so that we can use cooperative economics to build up our community. We will use the Community Support Group meetings to listen and support one another in our daily struggles. We will use this community to heal. To rest and radically take care of ourselves. When we're rested, we will use creativity and our collective imagination to make our communities better than what we inherited. We can't keep waiting for change. You have a lot to offer and we hope you join us in becoming the change we want to see.


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  • October 17, 2021


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