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2023 Health Justice and Mental Health Conference

July 21st & 22nd, 2023, our Black Mental Health Village convened a powerful conference at Tennesse State University - Avon William Campus. I want to start the blog by thanking everyone at TSU who made this event possible. Their hospitality was unmatched and they made us feel like we were home. We were home to share our stories. After all, home isn't a geographical boundary. Home is every space and place that we create to love and invest in Back People. We're on a homecoming tour to affirm that our health, mental health, and well-being matter. And we're grateful for the support of all the organizations who made this kickoff possible.

In the words of Dr. Robbie Melton, "Life is good"

Thank you to the amazing vendors who came out!


Greater Nashville Regional Council

Works Counseling Center

Family and Children Service

Ellie Mental Health of Nashville

Community ConneXor

Tennessee Justice Center

Park Center


ROPS (Regional Overdose Prevention Specialists)

Urban League of Middle Tennessee

Leave At Ease Massage

Lip Smackin Creations

Soul Rolls & Thompson Family Catering

M&M Taqueria

Check out a few of the pics from our conference!

More pictures and our collective Call to Action Coming Soon!

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