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Some of Our Speakers

Esayeas, Benaias_8596.jpg

Benaias Esayeas

Executive Director,  Economic Justice Moderator

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Mandii Brown

Mental Health of Formerly Incarcerated Individuals Panel Moderator

RM-217 (1).jpg

Dr. Raquel Martin

Clinical Psychologist and Keynote Speaker 

Andrea .jpeg

Andrea Hancock

Director of Nana's Circle & Elders Panel

Day 1: Black Health Matters

BHM Logo.png

I recognize that racial health disparities are caused by longstanding systemic barriers and injustice, not the individual behaviors or choices of Black people. I understand that by centering the needs of Black people, who are the most underserved people in our healthcare system, we can design a system that works better for everyone. I am committed to doing my part to promote health justice so that everyone has access to quality, affordable health care. I pledge to be informed and engage in anti-racist actions to transform our healthcare system to better serve Black people and achieve health equity for all.

Day 2: Community Mental Health 

Thank You to Our Conference Sponsors

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Community Sponsors

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Greater Nashville Regional Council

Works Counseling Center

Kindness Connects Us Therapy Services

Family and Children Service

Ellie Mental Health of Nashville

Melanin and Mindfulness

Community ConneXor 

Tennessee Justice Center

Urban League 

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